Energy Healing Services

A unique and visceral experience.

Energy Healing Services

A unique and visceral experience.

Services can be performed at a variety of locations. If you would like to book a special location, please contact me.

Energy Healing Sessions

55 min – $88

Includes: Sound, Aroma Therapy, Guided Meditation, Chakra & Crystals

35 min – $50

Includes: Chakras Sound & Crystals

Angelic Healing Session

50 min $77.00

This session is connecting you with the Angelic Healing Energy of the Angels. Tibetan bells ring in this very unique and beautiful treatment.

Includes: Aromatherapy

Children Healing Sessions

15 min – $33.00 

Everyone can benefit from Energy Healing! Learn more about Energy Healing for children here.

Pet Energy Healing

45 min – $33.00 (Pet only)

50 min – $66.00 (25 min each) Share healing with your pet!

Animals often experience a great state of peace, during a reiki session. Energy clears imbalances creating space for new and harmonious patterns of health to emerge.  Sessions do not require physical contact with your pet.

Spiritual Coaching

50 min  $33.00 – or –

4 session once a week for $88.00

For those who would like to discuss, understand, and heal on your spiritual journey. I am here to listen and help you become your greatest version. Namaste!

Personal Tarot/Oracle Readings

25-30 min – $44.00

15-20 min – $33.00

Reading can focus on love, career,  health, or a combination. Please choose a preference. Contact us for the preferred way to receive your message. 

Distance Healing Sessions


This service is for those who want to receive healing energy through time & space. This can also be done for loved ones.                                   

Note: This service requires a free consultation

If you need an appointment that is not available on the booking calendar, please contact me to make a special request.

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